The Bookasaurus

Devoted to all things book related. And occasionally dinosaurs.


I am naturally very curious and love learning new things so books help me fulfil the need to learn and explore on a daily basis. However, I also read very much for relaxation and find nothing more comforting than re-reading a well loved book.

My book shelves and ebook shelves contain an eclectic mix of titles but there are two common themes to a lot of my reading material and that is fantasy and mystery, predictably some of my favourites combine them both.

When it comes to new books I really enjoy I have what may be an unusual reading style: I read the book through quickly, impatient to find out how it ends, but then I immediately read it again. This time at a slower pace savouring the writing and language and noting all the subtleties I missed the first time. If anyone else does thisI would love to know!