Genevieve Lenard is an expert in her field in non-verbal communication and uses her talent for Rousseau and Rousseau an art insurance firm based in Strasbourg, France. She spends her days reviewing files and footage in her bespoke sound proofed viewing room uncovering insurance fraud. Her life is very neat and orderly, with very little in the way of social interaction, which is just the way she likes it.

After six very successful years of working at Rousseau and Rousseau Genevieve is asked to work on a case for the European Defence Agency (EDA) by Manfred ‘Manny’ Millard via her boss and father figure Philip. Intrigued by the case she agrees and Genevieve’s carefully managed life is thrown into chaos as she is forced to work with people she never anticipated she would or even could.

Genevieve is an interesting protagonist struggling to manage her high functioning autism when thrown into unfamiliar situations. She rises to the challenge through learned coping mechanisms with the aid of the misfits that coalesce into a team around her.

The plot of this art crime fiction book is solid providing sufficient clues to allow the reader to deduce certain elements but also including some unexpected elements to ensure it is not predictable. I could feel the frustration alongside Genevieve when she could not pull the details together into a clear picture.

I enjoyed this book and I suspect it is a series that will improve from here as we get to know the cast of unusual characters introduced in this book in more depth and see more of their interactions. Looking forward to the next in the series The Dante Connection.