Have you ever read a comic?


I couldn’t say I had before Ben Aaronovitch and Titan brought Peter Grant and Thomas Nightingale to the medium. I gave them a go because I love the Rivers of London world and was keen to absorb any new material whatever the format. There are now two comic book series Bodywork and Night Witch with a third called Black Mould set to be released in October 2016. They are co-written by Andrew Cartmel and illustrated by Lee Sullivan and Luis Guerrero.

Obviously the format is very different to a book as it is a visual medium with relatively few words. I must say I enjoyed seeing how others visualised the characters, the main characters of course but also the more supporting cast members such as Beverly Brook, Molly and Sahra Guleed. There are also a variety of cover illustrations to choose from by different artists which is a nice touch (and a clever marketing ploy for those who then wanted to own more than one edition). There is also bonus material in addition to the main story such as a single page comic strip in each issue, articles such as “Peter Grant’s London” where we learn even more about London and behind the scenes information about the creation of the comics.

My favourite moment from the comics is the grand entrance of Thomas ‘Tiger Tank’ Nightingale at the end of the first comic. It was awesome in the old fashioned sense of the word and is a visual that will stay with me for a good long time. It was worth getting the comics just for this single page in my humble opinion.

As I say these are the first comics I have read so I have no clue how they compare to others but I enjoyed them as a change of pace to my usual novels and shorter stories.